SINGH, Pashaura (1999) Sikh views on health and distress: a focus on Sikh theodicy

London: Kegan Paul Worldwide. If you find yourself discussing new sources and growth of records on the distress in the newest Adi Granth and theories of your own Positives, the author spends a good Western european build having getting an effective ‘theodical solution’. Impairment data briefly (p. 121): “Even though the lifetime off real deformity and you can ugliness around the world might be informed me because of earlier karam, it’s intended for a higher divine purpose which is past person understanding.” (Because of the functioning of divine elegance, it appears that anyone can be overcome the impairment). Boasts a glossary out of Sikh terms.

SKULTANS, Vieda (1987) The treatment of mental illness certainly one of Maharashtrian families: an instance study of good Mahanubhav data recovery temple. People (the brand new collection) 22: 661-679. Fieldwork report off 1984-85 on a forehead of one’s heterodox Hindu Mahanubhav sect, a group and that catches the eye of “religious afflictions, in particular, those which produce mental illness. This forehead try “notable because of its trance inducing services and its therapeutic powers.” Very long interviews have been used with 41 parents seeking particular “religious solution otherwise remove”. Notably, it had been the newest worry-giving women members of the family who threw themselves on the energetic routine items, because emotionally ill clients, who have been brought due to their strange behaviour, stayed rather detached. Certain conflictual explanations received, on transactions happening.

SMITH, William L (1979) The fresh Pati-Ninda when you look at the Medieval Bengali literary works. Journal of your own American Oriental People 99: 105-109. The Pati-Ninda occur in many different types of Bengali mangal poetry, often during descriptions from wedding events. It consist of spoken punishment by married female, targeting noticeable real flaws in their husbands, elizabeth.grams. elephantiasis, blindness, scoliosis, lameness, sexual incapacity, ugliness, not enough pearly whites, and you may bewailing their bad luck in the needing to put up with such repulsive dudes. The public recitation from pati-ninda ran avoid with the certified Hindu lifestyle away from exhorting wives to ease their husbands as gods. Translations are given of several advice.

Societas: a review of public records 5/2: 105-115

SMITH WL (1988) Ra, Bengal, Orissa. Dept. Indology, University from Stockholm. “Apologetic Processes” (pp. 84-91). Talks about conventional creative services so you’re able to fill imagined holes from the karmic reason out-of Ramayana systems, or perhaps to render justifications getting characters’ moral lapses. Many of these encompass disabilities, age.g. Manthara’s hump along with her aspects of getting payback with the Rama; Dasaratha’s accidental eliminating off good boy just who supported old, blind mothers; brand new blindness of the boy’s father got developed of his revulsion whenever washing the foot regarding good sage which have elephantiasis; Kaikeyi was cursed to own mocking an aged, infirm, hearing-impaired Brahmin. New nuances of various life highly recommend an ongoing article attention to brand new depressed condition off handicapped some body down seriously to the rejection from the area.

SOMASUNDARAM O (1973) Spiritual treatments for mental illness inside the Tamil Nadu. Indian Record regarding Psychiatry 15: 38-forty-eight. Drawings certain aspects of Hindu spiritual faith and practice, and lots of temples and you can shrines for the Tamil Nadu which might be better known for treat regarding sick some one, especially those having mental illness. The newest healing program entails a full system out of factors, hydrotherapy, exercise and you will limited diet, with useful mental outcomes and you can entertaining the fresh new patients’ attention and you can services. Mcdougal means that believe throughout the efficacy of shrine was a robust cause for helping some body rebalance the lives, together with their loved ones (whom including attend the new religious put).

In: JR Hinnells & Roentgen Porter (eds) Religion, Health and Distress, 111-38

STILLMAN, Norman A good (1975) Charity and you can societal characteristics from inside the Medieval Islam. Acknowledge one to regardless of if Muslims over the years have chosen to take certainly the duty to help you poor people and you may eager, education on this subject matter have been few – foundation might have been largely a keen unrecorded, personal get it done in the place of a formal matter.